Renovations are disruptive, regardless of the project size and scope. Living in the space during construction presents as many as challenges as moving to temporary housing. Juggling home life, parental duties, and a career are hard enough without a project. My goal is to take away much of the stress associated with a project…so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

This is the case for one client who purchased a condominium in the Gold Coast. He wanted to do a major renovation to provide a comfortable space for him and his children. Yet, he had a demanding career that left him with little time to manage it. He turned to A. Gentry Interiors for help.

Project III Living Area I

He wanted the home to have an air of sophistication while being family friendly. He also wanted to use every inch of space to accommodate storage needs. He needed a versatile kitchen – one that functioned for familial needs, but also one that allowed for more sophisticated events. So, a large seating island was designed that can be utilized for prep work, the kid’s homework, more formal dining, or relaxing and enjoying lively conversation.

The artwork and décor were selected specifically for the home and were curated throughout. Every turn leads to a new reveal. My client loves the space – a feeling of having an inviting single-family home in the sky. He was able to achieve this without having to sacrifice his time to focus on the details – those were handled for him, enabling him to focus on more important things, his children, and his career.

I will help you to create a space that is right for you and allow you to focus on those other important aspects of your life. If you are wrestling with making much needed updates to your home and can’t imagine the thought of fitting that into your already hectic schedule, then book a Distinctive Home Consultation with AGI. After this two-hour session, you can be satisfied with the knowledge that your new home will be expertly developed and managed, allowing you to focus on higher order priorities.