There comes a point in everyone’s life when it’s time to take that next step: making a career change, starting a family, or purchasing a home. That was the case for my client who decided to invest in a mid-rise loft unit in the River North area as a second home.

Having spent his whole life living and working in the suburbs, my client desired to experience city life and to have an urban base to entertain family and friends. Additionally, he wanted this space to highlight his tastes and to reflect his transition in life. So, he reached out to AGI for assistance in attaining these goals.

The 100+ year old building, with existing wood beams, columns, and exposed brick, provided the design cues – a refined environment with industrial elements. We wrapped the core of the space in a sophisticated motif that immediately caught the eye and adorned the rooms and walls with artwork, furnishings, and accessories that sparked interest and stimulated conversation.

Managing and growing his company kept my client occupied with very little time to oversee the project. I was there to manage the many aspects of the project. When you desire to make major changes to your home but want to avoid the stress and hassle of making that happen, I invite you to book a Distinctive Home Consultation with A. Gentry Interiors. During this two-hour meeting we will talk about the type of home you want and need…and how we can make that happen for you.